Primate Cranial Collection

Please Note: All Non-human primate casts are owned by Dr. Diane France and can be ordered directly through her spin off company "France Custom Casting" by emailing her at

France Casting is currently acting as a distributor for these casts, and we often still make them at Dr. France's request, so we are happy to accept orders for these items. We at France Casting hope to obtain the rights to these wonderful items in the future, but until then we will continue to do all we can to help you obtain what you need in the way of non-human primate casts through Diane.

While not pictured here, we may still have many of the non-human primate skulls that Diane has had available over the years including:

  • Red Howler (PR1216)

  • Golden Lion Tamarin (PR1215)

  • Marmoset (PR010)

  • Squirrel Monkey (PR011)

  • Galago (Bushbaby) (PR012)

  • Microcebus murinus (PR015)

  • Nycticebus coucang (PR016)

  • Erythrocebus patas (PR017b)

  • Macaca arctoides (PR018)

  • Macaca fascicularis (PR019)

  • Macaca fascicularis, male (PR020b)

  • Presbytis cristata, male (PR021)

Please inquire for pricing and availability.