Lightweight Field Osteometric Board

    • Composed of high impact Plexiglas and aluminum
    • Reduced weight by over 70% compared to older boards.
    • The Field Osteometric board features the same measurement method as the Laboratory Osteometric Board minus the rod and bearing assembly
    • Collapsible to 12" x 6.5" x 1 1/2".
    • Design is nearly identical to the all aluminum Field Osteometric Board requiring no re-training if transitioning from the all aluminum version.
    • Scales are laser etched directly onto the board's base along with guide lines (cm).
    • Tighter fit than the aluminum Field Osteometric Board (less positioning of the movable section).
    • Constructed of mostly Plexiglas.
      • Please Note: this version is not as sturdy as the aluminum version and is subject to greater wear if not properly looked after. Those planning to use conduct research in extreme conditions please consider this prior to ordering.
    • Board can be customized with your name or identification mark at no extra cost.
    • ASME standardized.

    Lightweight Field Osteometric Board