Spreading Calipers: Student
    • Body and scale machined from 1.5mm thick 316 Stainless Steel for durability and savings
    • Index made of machined naval brass
    • Joints secured by aluminum rivets
    • Scales laser etched in same increments as the standard spreading caliper with interpolation to .5mm accuracy possible
    • Very durable and will last years of abuse in the lab.
    • Spreading Caliper Case DOES NOT fit the Student Spreading Caliper
    • Every Caliper is calibrated and checked using the same method as the standard spreading calipers.
    • ASME standardized.


     If arms ever become bent, it is very easy to return them to flat.  If they seem damaged beyond the ability for you to repair, send them to me and I will fix it for free if at all possible.

    Spreading Calipers: Student