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KNMRU 7290
OH 13 maxilla occlusal
KNMER 406 inferior
KP 29285 proximal tibia anterior
KNMER 3733 right side
KP 29281 mandible articulated halves
KNMWT 17000 superior
KNMRU 7290 mandible
KP 29285 distal tibia
KNM WT 15000 left side

France Casting works with The National Museum of Kenya (NMK) to provide casts from Kenya. These materials are made by The NMK personnel. They are shipped directly from Nairobi, Kenya, to you. They are NOT duplicated from photographs, measurements, or examination of casts - but they ARE made from molds of the original specimens!


Please use these links below to look at NMK's catalogue and pricelist. Contact us directly for any questions. 

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