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    Fragmentary Cast Series Please Contact us by Telephone Number -or- Email to order or request an estimate. FC001 Full Fragments Collection #1 (55 pieces) $1650.00 Includes the full set of 55 fragments currently available. This set includes cranial & postcranial fragments, as well as, a few non-human fragments for variety. Purchasing the full set saves you money, nearly 30% over smaller quanitities. FC001a Large Fragment Collection (Your Choice of Between 25 and 54 Pieces. Starting at $875.00 for 25 elements. $35.00 per element. Have a bit bigger budget but not enough for the full set? Here you can order larger quantities which allows us to give you a bigger break on your order. Again, pick and choose if you wish, or just let us mix up a bag for you. We'll keep track of what you order so if you wish to complete the set later, you can. Purchase between 25 and 54 fragments saves you approximately 15% over smaller quantities. FC001b Small Fragment Collection (Your Choice of Between 1 and 24 Pieces) $40.00 Per Element We know budgets are not always what you would hope. Therefore we are offering the fragments in whatever quantity you can currently afford. In our small fragments sets you can order anywhere from 1 to 24 fragments of your choosing to get your collection started. Pick and choose what fragments you would like or let us put together a mix for you. Just indicate your preference when you order.

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    Human Pathology and Anomalies Please Contact us by Telephone Number -or- Email to order or request an estimate. PA001 Amputated Humerus $119.00 Well-healed amputated humerus documented 40 weeks from amputation to death, from National Museum of Health and Medicine. PA003 Parietal Bones with Tertiary Syphilis $139.00 This cast is a good alternative to our syphilis cranium (CS030) if you are working with a smaller budget. Excellent detail (see photo). PA004 Amputated Proximal Tibia and Fibula $199.00 Documented 14 months from amputation to death; exhibits tremendous infection. From National Museum of Health and Medicine. PA005 Amputated Femoral Shaft $119.00 Documented six weeks from amputation to re-amputation, exhibits sequestration and callus. From National Museum of Health and Medicine. PA006 Cranial Sections w/ Gunshot Wounds $499.00 for the entire set. $79.00 per individual element. These are from documented individuals from the Civil War, and have known intervals from injury to death of 5 days, 9 days, 20 days, 32 days, 37 days, 51 days, and 10 years. Price includes history of treatment, where known, from the post surgeons. From National Museum of Health and Medicine. PA007 Fetal Cranium- Cyclopia $149.00 This infant had one orbit for both eyes. Cast includes cranium and mandible in excellent condition. From Nation Museum of Health and Medicine. PA008 Fetal Cranium- Anencephaly $149.00 Cranium and mandible in excellent condition, from National Museum of Health and Medicine. PA009 Microcephalic Cranium $279.00 Small cranium with completely united sagittal suture (scaphocephaly?). No teeth present, but otherwise cranium is in excellent condition. Lower picture places this cranium next to our CS012 Mexican American male cranium for a visual comparison. PA010 Sequestrum $119.00 A sequestrum is a detached or dead piece of bone within an abscess or wound. This sequestrum was removed from the leg of an individual who was shot 6 months earlier during the Civil War. It measures about 6 inches in length. From National Museum of Health and Medicine. PA011 Calvarium with Trephination $169.00 This Civil War soldier was shot on September 17, 1862. The doctors performed a trephination on October 11, 1862, and he died the same day. This cast shows the infection on the interior of the calvarium, and shows the smooth edges of the trephination. From the National Museum of Health and Medicine. PA012 Femur with Shot Fracture and Infection $219.00 This individual was injured in a street brawl in which his left femur was severely fractured. The leg became severely infected. The individual died just under 2 months from the date of injury from exhaustion. The bone is in two pieces and shows extensive effects of infection. PA013 Septic Arthritis of the Knee $219.00 This bone shows extensive septic arthritis resulting in a fused femur and tibia. Excellent details from the original are captured in this cast. PA014 Tuberculosis in the Proximal Femur and Os Coxae $219.00 This cast shows extensive damage caused by tuberculosis in the hip joint. PA015 Tuberculosis in the Lower Vertebral Column $289.00 This cast shows extensive damage caused by tuberculosis to the lower vertebral column including vertebrae T11-L4 PA016 Brucellosis in the Lower Vertebrae $279.00 This cast shows the damage caused to various vertebrae as a result of brucellosis. Only the most severe vertebral cases were cast including 2 lumbar and 3 thoracic vertebrae. PA017 Septic Arthritis of the Left Hand $109.00 This cast shows extensive damage caused by septic arthritis, including complete fusion and massive remodeling of the carpal region and proximal metacarpal bones. PA018 Segmentation Error in the Lumbar/Sacral Region $199.00 This cast displays a segmentation error involving at least two lumbar vertebrae and the upper sacrum. Beautiful detail was able to be captured from this original. PA019 Excised Humeral Fragments from Civil War Gun Shot Wound $199.00 This individual was wounded during the Civil War by a conoidal musket ball that shattered the neck and upper portion of the left humerus. The humeral head and accompanying fragment were then removed after which the individual made a remarkable recovery. Detailed documentation of the medical history of this individual will accompany each cast copy which includes a incredible photo displaying his healed injury. PA020 Humerus with Civil War Gun Shot Wound $229.00 This right humerus displays the results of a gun shot wound received during the Civil War. The diaphyseal portion of the humerus was fractured and fragmented. The bone shows no evidence of healing. No other information is available at this time. PA021 Cranium with Civil War Gun Shot Wound $359.00 This cranium derives from the Civil War era. It shows classic entry and exit wounds as well as radiating fractures caused by a gun shot wound. No remodeling of the injured bone has taken place indicating that this was a perimortem injury. The nasal bones are absent and the dentition is incomplete but includes the following: right side-M3, M2, M1, PM2, PM1 and fragmented C; left side- M2(with caries), M1, PM1, C (ectopic eruption) & LI fractured; all other teeth are absent. PA900 Modern 91 Year Old European American Female $1,159.00 This set includes the five elements listed directly below under item numbers PA901-PA905. They include a trephined cranium with mandible, and arthritic elements including the shoulder girdle, lumbar vetrebra, left first foot phalanges, and a medically repaired fracture of the right femur, all from a documented modern 91 year old European American female. This is a great set useful for many applications. PA901 Osteoarthritis, Shoulder Girdle $259.00 Osteoarthritis in the shoulder girdle from a 91 year old female. Set includes clavicle, scapula, and humerus. Individual bones are available as well. PA902 Osteoarthritis, Lumbar Vertebra $249.00 Osteoarthritis in lumbar vertebra from a 91 year old female. Set includes four consecutive lumbar vertebra showing extensive osteoarthritis. PA903 Medically Repaired Healed in Osteoarthritic Femur $259.00 This femur is from the 91 year old female set above. It was fractured, medically repaired, and shows the process of healing in an osteoarthritic femur. PA904 Osteoarthritis, Human Foot Phalanges $99.00 Left first digit proximal, middle, and distal phalanges of a 91 year old European American female with osteoarthritis.

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    Cranial Series Please Contact us by Telephone Number -or- Email to order or request an estimate. CS001 Southwest Skull $359.00 Includes cranium and mandible, illustrates scalping marks on the frontal and both parietal bones, probable perimortem depressed fracture on the occipital and left parietal, and cradleboard changes. This individual was C14 dated at 770 years BP. Teeth show moderate wear. Price includes two digital images of these cutmarks taken by scanning electron microscope and transferred from 35mm slides. The original of this was reburied. CS003 Cranial Modification: Wrapping $359.00 Cranium and mandible, this individual illustrates “wrapping” cranial modification, and possesses most teeth (missing most incisors); teeth show little wear. CS007 Infant Cranium and Mandible $139.00 Good detail of newborn skull (Please note: This cast is also included in the SA008 Occipital Age Determination System casts set) CS011 European American Male Skull $359.00 Cranium and mandible, this is a documented 40 year old from Hungary, with strongly everted mandible. He possesses all teeth except 10, 16, 17, 32. From Maxwell Museum and OMI, Albuquerque, NM. Some postcranial materials also available. CS012 Mexican American Male Skull $359.00 Cranium and mandible, this is a documented 15 year old with clearly shoveled incisors. He possesses all teeth except 1 (erupting), 3, 16, 17, and 32. From Maxwell Museum and OMI, Albuquerque, NM. CS014 Mexican American Male with Cut Calvarium $399.00 Cranium and mandible of documented 17 y.o., this cast shows the inside of the cranium. Manner of death was two gunshot wounds, and cranium shows classic entrance and exit wounds. Part of the sella turcica is missing, aiding in tracking the path of one bullet. From Maxwell Museum and OMI, Albuquerque, NM. CS015 Approximately 5 Year Old Child, Cribra Orbitalia $299.00 Cranium and mandible in excellent condition, moderate cribra orbitalia in each orbit. CS018 European American Male with Antemortem Photos $359.00 Finished $239.00 Unfinished Documented 55 y.o. with series of four antemortem photographs, front and lateral views. The photographs were taken when this individual was of average and slightly overaverage weights. Teeth present include numbers 2(broken), 3-8, 11, 19-21, 24-26, 28, & 32; absent antemortem include 1, 14-16, 17, 18, 30 & 31; absent postmortem include 9, 10, 12, 13, 22, 23, 27, & 29. Finished with final color, dental fillings, etc. CS023 Australian Male Skull $359.00 All teeth are present with moderate wear on this individual. The supraorbital torus is very large, and the cranium is relatively robust. The right zygomatic arch is slightly reconstructed, but otherwise the skull is in excellent condition. From A.W. Ward Museum of Dentistry, Univ. of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco, CA. CS024 Occult Teeth cranium $319.00 This cranium exhibits normal dentition, with the notable exception of the medial incisors: the left has erupted approximately at the nasal spine, and is growing anteriorally, and the right is in relatively correct position, but is rotated 180 degrees. In addition, an extra pegged tooth is erupting just inferior to the left incisor, and there is evidence of a cleft palate. Otherwise the cranium is in excellent condition. Original from San Jose State University. CS025 Trephined Cranium from Peru $359.00 This cranium exhibits two square trephination holes with reactive bone but no rounded edges. Teeth numbers 2, 3, 14-16 present with moderate wear, tooth #12 is broken. From the Smithsonian Institution, cranium only. CS026 Extreme Modification Cranium $359.00 This cranium exhibits extreme occipital and frontal flattening, and is from Nisqually, Washington. Teeth numbers 2, 4, 14, 15, and 30-32 are present with moderate to heavy wear. Cranium only, from the Smithsonian Institution. CS027 Cranial Modification Flattening $359.00 This cranium exhibits occipital and some frontal cranial modification. Teeth #2-6, 12, 14, 15 are present and show moderate wear, otherwise the cranium is in excellent condition. From the Smithsonian Institution. CS028 Extreme Cranial Modification $359.00 This cranium exhibits more extreme "wrapping" modification than #CS003, but the cranium is not as good. Teeth #2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, are present with significant wear. CS029 Tuberculosis Cranium in Individual from Alaska $359.00 This cranium exhibits significant tuberculosis lesions (about 9) around the cranial vault. This cranium is in excellent condition, but only teeth # 3-5 and 13-15 are present with moderate wear. Cranium only. CS030 Syphilis Cranium in Individual From Alaska $359.00 There are significant syphilis lesions on the frontal and both parietal bones. This cranium is in excellent condition, though teeth # 3-5, 7, 8, 10, and 12-14 are present with moderate wear. Cranium only (check out PA003 for a cranial section with syphilis – it’s in the “Human Pathology and Anomaly” section). CS032 Cancerous Lesion Cranium From Egypt $359.00 Approximately the left half of the maxilla from what has been called a cancerous “mouse tumor” by various researchers. Teeth # 2, 6-8 are present, but otherwise the cranium is in excellent condition. CS033 Scurvy Cranium $359.00 This cranium comes from a documented case of scurvy and shows significant lesions on the temporal/sphenoidal regions, as well as in the upper eye orbits, palate and various other regions of the cranium. The left zygomatic arch is missing and the only teeth represented are M1 from both the right and left sides. The cranium also shows exposure damage to the parietals and upper occipital region, but remains a beautiful specimen. CS034 Healed projectile wound skull $399.00 This is a healed projectile wound skull. CS035 Blunt Force Trauma Skull $399.00 This is a skull with blunt force trauma. CS036 Northern Chinese Female Skull $359.00 This individual was in her mid to late teens, with her third molars unerrupted. Dentition is complete and in excellent condition. All other aspects of the cranium and mandible are also complete and in excellent condition. CS108 African American Male Skull $359.00 This cast has teeth #1 (abscessed), 2, 4 – 12, 13 missing postmortem, 15 – 16, 18, 19 – 29, 31. First molars are missing antemortem, #13, 17, 32 missing postmortem. The cranium and mandible are in excellent condition. CS109 European American Female Skull $359.00 This cast has teeth # 1 (unerupted and impacted), 2 – 15, 18 -24, 25 missing postmortem, 26 – 31. The cranium and mandible are in excellent condition. CS119 African American Female Skull $359.00 This cranium and mandible cast are in excellent condition with all teeth present and with little wear. CS120 Tinian Male Skull $359.00 This individual is from the island of Tinian, and shows four occipital tubercles and a massive healed fracture of the right malar region. He is missing all teeth except 2, 6, 11, 14, 15, 21, 22, and 27. This is a striking cranium!

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    ABOUT US If you have done business with France Casting since 2004, you have likely worked with, if not spoken to me, the owner, Shane Walker. I am a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a Masters in Biological Anthropology. My interests were to further my education with a PhD in Forensic Anthropology, but the great excitement over forensics at the time derailed those plans a bit. Along the way I met Dr. Diane France and had the opportunity to work with her on a case and eventually work for her in this business as I finished up my degree and looked into PhD programs across the US. When my "derailing" was in its early stages, Diane asked about my desires to take over her business. That was a hard decision to make because it involved giving up some of my dreams in exchange for others I had never considered. After much reflection and discussions with my better half, I realized that this business has many perks, and I believe is a good fit for me for several reasons. First, it involves two of my greatest loves: all things osteological, and the creativity and artistry it takes to make a masterpiece, and yes what we make are masterpieces. Second, it meant staying in Colorado, a place I have come to love. Third, it fulfilled one of my lifetime goals of not just being another 'whatever' [fill in an appropriate job title here], but gave me the opportunity I have always sought to do something different; to excel at something a million other people aren't doing. That's what I found in France Casting. The other great reason for taking on this challenge of running my own business, is that it allows me to work with all of you amazing people, to interact with you daily, to see you on occasion face to face, and to continue to provide you with the best casts available so that our work as scientists, educators, and researchers never suffers and never stops. I am committed to excellence and will do everything I can to make sure you see that in every cast you purchase from me, no matter how big or how small. I look forward to many years of doing business with each of you, and thank you for the opportunity. Shane THE REST OF THE TEAM In 2012, Molly Nettleingham joined out team after completing a Bachelors degree from Fort Lewis College in Anthropology. She has a proven knack for this work, and her meticulous style makes her an ideal candidate for producing the quality of casts we demand here. Therefore, she has been made our production manager and is excelling in every way. Her attention to detail continues to be shown not only in our casts, but in her organization and cleanliness, I appreciate her and all that she does for the business. Thank you, Molly! Dr. Diane France (emeritus) founded this company many years ago. While she is not officially employed at France Casting and has moved on to other amazing projects, she is still a big part of what we do here, and deserves at least an honorary role as a member of our team. Not only did she found this company and make a lasting name for it, but she also continues to work as a contractor for all of our molding needs, especially those truly tricky items that few if any other people in the world could mold so well. Her many years of knowledge and experience molding and casting items from all over the world is an invaluable resource that is indispensable to what we do. She is also a great sounding board for any issues, concerns, or ideas we might have for changing and improving the business. She is a constant support in so many ways and is appreciated more than she could possibly know. Her gifts and talents continue to bless the world through her custom casting, her books, her forensic expertise, her photography and her genuine love and concern for people, which if you have ever met her you have experienced and know to what I refer. She is a gem of a lady and I am privileged to be able to know and work closely with her. She is also the supplier of the non-human primates on our website, through company, France Custom Casting.

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    Frequently Asked Questions Do you provide International delivery? Postage and handling charges vary by item, size of order, delivery service requested and final destination. For the most accurate estimate, please contact us by e-mail or phone. Our default shipping method currently is FedEx International shipping (economy or priority depending on location) because it is significantly more reliable than other international shipping methods and is delivered direct to your door, and not therefore held up in customs. For most international shipping orders this means a minimum of around $60 per box shipped or 10-12% of the total order for large orders. This should provide a rough estimate for budgeting purposes. Less expensive as well as more expensive methods are also available upon request. Please contact us for specific shipping information. Note: All formal estimates come with an accurate shipping quote. ​ How do I return an item? SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED! If, for ANY reason, you are not completely satisfied with a cast, please return it for exchange or refund. Contact Us CUSTOMER CARE As casting technology has evolved, our replicas have evolved through three basic materials. We began in 1986 with replicas made of plaster impregnated with polyurethane. These were detailed but fragile. We then made casts in epoxy, which was much more durable, but dangerous and difficult for us to pour and trim (though safe in the final product). We are currently using a resin that is safer for us, and gives incredible detail in a durable cast. CLEANING If you own an epoxy or today’s resin cast, you may clean the cast with soap and water or mineral spirits. Mineral spirits may remove some of the oil paint wash used to accentuate detail, but it will not harm the cast itself. You could even put the casts in a dishwasher (ok, maybe you don’t want to do that, but you could!). If you own a plaster cast, you may clean it with a damp cloth using a cleaning solution (like Orange Clean or Windex), but do not soak the cast. Plaster is reasonably strong when it is cured and dry, but it weakens when wet. If your cast gets very wet, just set it aside and let it dry. REPAIR Even though today’s resin cast is durable, students are experts at blunt force trauma to teaching materials, and accidents may happen. With any broken cast (plaster, epoxy, or today’s resin), use 5-minute epoxy for the repairs. If you wish, you may use Super Glue on the epoxy or resin, but it doesn’t work very well on the plaster. If you would like us to repair the cast, give us a call! Sources Partial Bibliography for SA001 through SA010 ​ Brooks, S. & Suchey, J.M. (1990) Skeletal age determination based on the os pubis: a comparison of the Acsadi-Nemeskeri and Suchey-Brooks methods. Human Evolution, 5(3): 227-238. ​ Katz, D. & Suchey, J.M. (1986) Age determination of the male os pubis. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 69: 427-435. ​ Klepinger, L.L., Katz, D., Micozzi, M.S., & Carroll, L. (1992) Evaluation of cast methods for estimating age from the os pubis. Journal of Forensic Sciences, JFSCA, 37(3): 763-770. ​ Owings Webb, P.A. & Suchey, J.M. (1985) Epiphyseal union of the anterior iliac crest and medial clavicle in a modern multiracial sample of American males and females, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 68: 457-466. ​ Suchey, J.M., Wiseley, D.V., Green, R.F., & Noguchi, T.T. (1979) Analysis of dorsal pitting in the os pubis in an extensive sample of modern American females. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 51(4): 517-540. ​ Sutherland, L.D., & Suchey, J.M. (1991), Use of the ventral arc in pubic sex determination, Journal of Forensic Sciences, JFSCA, 36(2): 501-511.